naviarhaiku539 – The cormorant in the forest

The cormorant in the forest;
The cherry blossoms
Along the evening path.



by: Tan Taigi


Tan Taigi was a haiku poet of the Edo period. He was a wanderer for most of his life and admired by Yosa Buson for his ability to transcend his eclectic and unconventional lifestyle with sublime poetry.


haiku by Tan Taigi

picture by Redd F

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2 thoughts on “naviarhaiku539 – The cormorant in the forest”

  1. Interesting writing about a cormorant in the forest, as they are normally found by the ocean. Perhaps Taigi-san is referring to ‘ukai’ – the tradition of using these birds for boats fishing on lakes and rivers.

    1. Hey Mats, I didn’t know about ‘ukai,’ but it could be. Thanks for the info. I often find them sunbathing by a river in a forest not far from where I live.

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