naviarhaiku538 – Only the moon remains

Only the moon remains
floating in the memory upon
Kinokawa River



by: Shinkei


There's so little information about this amazing renga poet that I decided to share another poem written by him. This one is part of a longer sequence, written in 1463:

Only the moon remains
floating in the memory upon
Kinokawa River—
pale glistening waves,
the blank wake of drowned men.

About this poem, the author said: "Among the hundreds and thousands who have drowned and perished in this river
due to the disorders in this province were those whom I knew in former days. Often
I would walk along the river, gazing at the moon."

(Heart's Flower - The Life and Poetry of Shinkei)


Shinkei (1406-75) was a renowned renga poet and critic, best known for his two-part work "Sasamegoto" (Murmured Conversations). To find out more about this interesting and largely unknown poet-priest, I recommend reading Heart's Flower - The Life and Poetry of Shinkei by Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen


Haiku by Shinkei

Picture by Cristian Lozan

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