naviarhaiku540 – Face of the winter pond

Face of the winter pond
doesn't reflect
even a leaf...



by: Nakamura Kusatao (Tr. Hideo Suzuki)


Nakamura Kusatao was born in Xiamen (China) in 1901 and moved to Japan in 1904.

He was influenced by contemporary Western philosophy, mostly Friedrich Nietzsche, and his poetry focused on themes of life and humanity. Together with Shuson Kato and Ishida Hakyo, Nakamura Kusatao was a member of the “Human Exploration School”, a group of poets who used haiku to explore and highlight "how human beings should live".

Nakamura Kusatao launched the magazine Banryoku in 1946, and his major collections include Chōshi, Hi no shima, Biden, and Toki.


haiku by Nakamura Kusatao

picture by Miguel Alcântara

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