naviarhaiku537 – Deep in the mountains

Deep in the mountains -
falling into my heart
autumn streams



by: Shinkei


Shinkei (1406-75) was a renowned renga poet and critic, best known for his two-part work "Sasamegoto" (Murmured Conversations). To find out more about this interesting and largely unknown poet-priest, I recommend reading Heart's Flower - The Life and Poetry of Shinkei by Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen


Haiku by Shinkei

Picture by Zoe

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This haiku poem is part of the Naviar haiku music challenge, where artists are invited to make music in response to a weekly assigned haiku poem. Participation is free and there are no limitations in the songs’ length or genre.

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Submission deadline: 24th April 2024

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