naviarhaiku536 – Tall, wide-arching trees

Tall, wide-arching trees
Assume a cathedral shape
Until darkness falls



by: John Hinks


I found out today that John passed away. John participated in the Naviar Haiku challenge for over 4 years, almost every week, and shared both his music and poetry with us. He'll be deeply missed.

"John Hinks, aka FlownBlue, was a prolific and talented composer, and a regular participant in the Haiku challenge. Aside from his solo project, John was also involved in multiple projects: ‘Windfall Light‘ (with Jim Tetlow), ‘Abstract Blue‘ (with Kevin Buckland), ‘Light Fragments‘ (with Steve Escott), Szukanie (with Michał Wojciechowski), and Meadowlight (with Emma Reed)."

Haiku by John Hinks

Picture by Mike Petrucci

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