naviarhaiku535 – Come outside!

Come outside!
we can almost touch
the spring moon


by: Nakamura Teijo


Nakamura Teijo was a Japanese poet from Kumamoto. A great admirer of Sugita Hisajo, she started writing haiku poetry in 1918, when she was eighteen. In 1934 she joined the prestigious Hototogisu magazine and, in 1940, published her first poetry collection, Shunsetsu 春雪. In 1947 she launched a magazine called Kazabana, which she edited and supervised until her death, in 1988.

Haiku by Nakamura Teijo

Picture by Vino Li

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This haiku poem is part of the Naviar haiku music challenge, where artists are invited to make music in response to a weekly assigned haiku poem. Participation is free and there are no limitations in the songs’ length or genre.

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Submission deadline: 10th April 2024

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