naviarhaiku543 – rain on the cherry blossoms

rain on the cherry blossoms
with bamboo in the mist -
so pale and green



by: Mizuhara Shuoshi


Mizuhara Shuoshi was a 20th century Japanese poet. Shuoshi rebelled against the principles of emotional detachment in haiku, which he thought limited his ability to emotionally express himself through poetry: he started a magazine called Staggerbush which focused on a more romantic, lyrical type of haiku.


haiku by Mizuhara Shuoshi

picture by Brice Cooper

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This haiku poem is part of the Naviar haiku music challenge, where artists are invited to make music in response to a weekly assigned haiku poem. Participation is free and there are no limitations in the songs’ length or genre.

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Submission deadline: 5th June 2024

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