naviarhaiku329 – Creativity

for which springtime light is lit
like fire in my mind


Ray considers himself more accomplished as a composer than a performer, though he most often plays each part of a composition onto a recorded MIDI track using a keyboard controller. He enjoys making his productions completely “in the box” and finds satisfaction in trying to make sure a trumpet or guitar part sound real even though they are virtual instruments played from a keyboard. While he would like nothing more than to collaborate with “real” instrumentalists in his work, he always wants to know if you think the articulation and sound could be more realistic in any part. Ray played trumpet from elementary school through graduation from high school.

He considers himself fortunate to be a teenager in the birth years of the Sequential Circuits SixTrak (Prophet 610) and the Roland JX-8P. These instruments brought to him the many colors of synthesis and all the possibilities of electronic music. When he discovered MasterTracks Pro for Commodore 64 and realized his SixTrak had one of the very first Musical Instrument Digital Interfaces, his electronic music journey launched in earnest.

What Ray loves most about Naviar Haiku is the freedom to pursue an idea freely to whatever end. Sometimes the poem feels like a soundtrack and other times it evokes jazz, dubstep, rock, or an ambient piece. Sometimes it evens starts as one and ends as another.

Ray participates in the Haiku challenge as Stull.


Seven days to make music in response to the assigned haiku: to participate visit

Deadline: 29th April 2020

haiku by Raymond Stull

picture by Nathan Lindahl

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