Four Haiku #1 – Best of April 2020

A mix with tracks Naviar Records received this month in response to the Haiku music challenge. If you enjoy the show, make sure you follow our weekly podcast on Resonance Extra:

sleeping, waking / the emptiness / of my mosquito net

by Chyio (naviarhaiku324)


Agnostura Elwar — The Sleeping

Night Note — sleeping, waking

FlownBlue — Emptiness

Whalt Thisney – Sleeping, waking

Scott Lawlor -sleeping, waking


true tranquillity / hiding underneath creased sheets – / unknowable blue

by Mark Morris (naviarhaiku325)


cha0sb0y — Beneath Your Waves

Oxebe — Naviarhaiku 325 true tranquility

windspace — Hiding Underneath Unknowable Blue

Ed Mundio — TheCalmBeneathTheWaves

cryxuss – waves

Tunnelwater — true tranquillity

Boson Spin – Unknowable blue

GLSmyth — Unknowable Blue


rumbling in the mist / a whale soars towards the light – / stories from below

by Mark Morris (naviarhaiku326)


OneAmbient4 – A Whale Soars Towards The Light – Rumbling

cryxuss – from below

synoneiro — Rumbling in the Mist

halF unusuaL — halF storieS

Night Note — rumbling in the mist

Robert Knote — a whale soars


meandering through the city / cars around / infinite game

by Bartosz Leszczyński (naviarhaiku327)


Ed Mundio — CityPulse

Marco Lucchi – Cars around

Night Note — meandering through the city

FlownBlue — Infinite Game

Carlos R — Wander

windspace — Night Drivin’

Stull — A Mile A Minute

GLSmyth — Through the City

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