naviarhaiku302 – bursts from our guns

bursts from our guns
the town on the horizon
a brief vision of light

Given recent events in the Kurdish-held territories, this week I opted for a war haiku.

Julien Vocance published “Cent visions de guerre” (A Hundred Visions of War) in 1916. From the battlefield of World War I, this French soldier decided to express his emotions of life in the trenches in the form of haiku.

Seven days to make music in response to the assigned haiku: to participate visit

Deadline: 23rd October 2019

haiku by Julien Vocance

picture by Rene Böhmer

1 thought on “naviarhaiku302 – bursts from our guns”

  1. A very surprising context for haiku.
    I found the original french version and, strangely, the english translation is changing the meaning.
    It should literally be :
    “bursts from our guns
    of a town on the horizon
    light a brief vision”
    “bursts from our guns
    briefly light on the horizon
    the vision of a town”
    .. but i guess there is some good reason for such a difference.

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