Naviarhaiku197 – Gratitude!

“Soen Nakagawa Roshi (1907–1984) was an extraordinary Zen master and a key figure in the transmission of Zen Buddhism from Japan to the Western world. A man of many faces, he was a simple Japanese monk, a world traveler, a spiritually realized being of the highest order, a poetic genius, a creator of dynamic calligraphy—and a notorious eccentric teacher who, for example, was known to conduct “tea ceremonies” using instant coffee and Styrofoam cups.”

This week I selected this evocative poem by Soen Nakagawa to express my gratitude to everyone who participated in the Naviar Haiku Fest last week: from the participants in the morning workshop, the poets and performers who took part in the open mic session, the musicians who performed live and those who sent their music for the dj set. Without you, this event wouldn’t have been possible.


Deadline:  18th October 2017

Haiku by Sôen Nakagawa

Picture by Guille Pozzi