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Naviar Haiku Fest

Exploring the instersection between poetry and experimental music,

breaking the barrier between audience and artists,

encouraging collaboration online and offline.


The Naviar Haiku Fest is a day event of workshops, talks and live performances focused on experimental music, haiku and how these two art forms can influence and inspire each other: since we started this festival in 2017, the objective has been to help artists explore new ways of being creative by bridging the gap between traditional Japanese poetry and electronic music.

The event is a great opportunity to meet artists from different disciplines, as well as learn more about the processes of making music and writing haiku.

Our talks are focused on creativity, the importance of online communities, the impact of technology in the art world and more.

Naviar Records is home for 100+ artists worldwide who regularly make music in response to its challenges: at the Naviar Haiku Fest you’ll have the chance to listen to music inspired by haiku through sound installation, and enjoy the live performances of members of Naviar’s community.

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