Naviar Haiku Fest I-London 2017

Naviar Haiku Fest I- London 2017. A scenic photo of fog-covered mountains.

Exploring the relationship between poetry and experimental electronic music, breaking the barrier between audience and artists, and encouraging collaboration online and offline.

This was the first solo event organized by Naviar. In the morning we hosted an introductory workshop on haiku, a traditional short form of Japanese poetry. The poems created were then used as creative prompts by Naviar’s international online community of musicians: the resulting compositions were performed as sound installations in the evening. The event ended with live music performances by members and friends of Naviar.



Naviar Haiku Fest - London 2017 Installations

The online community of Naviar Records made music inspired by the haiku written during the morning workshop. The songs were played in the evening as a DJ set.


daniel Diaz Music IG PHOTO

Daniel Diaz

Daniel DIAZ is an Argentinean multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and composer, based in Paris, France. He developed a 20+ year career as a performing and session musician, arranger, producer, and musical director in diverse projects, in styles ranging from jazz and rock to experimental electronic music, and tango + other styles of Latin American music.

Jesus Lastra Glitch Art

Jesús Lastra

Jesús Lastra aka Jalastram/Flat Stone is a Madrid-based self-taught artist from Maracaibo, Venezuela. He began to experiment with audio editing software in 2007. Then, he started composing ambient music, or more specifically, soundscape, drone, and experimental music within the electronic genre. Lastra has been part of Naviar Records Label since 2014.

You can listen to his track on his YouTube channel as well.

ed mundio abstract photo

Ed Mundio

Paul works in experimental music, short film/animation, and media projects and performances. This experience has included groups such as “Essendon Airport” “flaming stars” “Rock and roll cavemen” “undue Noise Collectives” and solo work as Ambient Owlbert and Ed Mundio.
Paul as “Digital Compost” maintains and grows many online collections of sound and animation works. Paul is a Lecturer in Animation at the School of Film and Television, VCA &MCM University of Melbourne.

Detritus Tabu

Detritus Tabu is a sound artist working towards soul and peace but finds it to be a noisy endeavor most of the time. He wonders the mountains of Western North Carolina in search of beauty. He considers his two children his finest accomplishment but in reality, the children are wonderful despite his poor parenting skills. He takes part weekly in the disquiet junto, the Naviar Haiku, and the Stones Throw Beat Battle. He is very prolific mostly due to his poor social skills leaving him with lots of free time.

Yum Haruki

Born in Japan, raised in several local cities, and currently living in Tokyo. Begin music production with a computer in 2006. No music education academically. participating in naviar haiku since naviarhaiku004.

Night Note

Milan Mastalka, also known by his alias Night Note, hails from Prague, Czech Republic. Born in 1958, he embraces the philosophy that age is subjective, emphasizing that everyone is as old as they feel. Moreover, in the realm of percussion, his fellow enthusiasts are often at least half his age, a fact that he humorously dismisses, expressing a lack of concern about chronological age. Professionally, Milan is a designer, balancing his creative pursuits as a musical amateur and self-taught artist.

Here is an additional track that you might consider listening to.


Sōzuproject is an electronic/ambient music project created in 2012 by the Italian-based sound artist Paolo Mascolini. His music combines evocative and haunting soundscapes with wonderful moments of luminous sparks, aesthetic qualities, and hopes. His album Breath Slowly was published by Naviar in September 2017.


ikjoyce makes electronic ambient and drone music using modular synthesis to explore themes of nature, space, isolation, man/machine interaction, and the borders of the sleep/wake cycle.

Audio Obscura

Audio Obscura performs Lap-top-based electronics for the ears, haunting the wide spectrum of electro-acoustic music with a firm footing in the ambient realm. The sound also strays towards the experimental; musique concrète, idm with post-classical minimal leanings occasionally push through.

Neil has summed up the Audio Obscura sound as thus;
“Light is, to the camera obscura, as sound is to Audio Obscura”

Live at The Old Church“, a live album with music from the Haiku Fest, was published in October ’17.