Naviarhaiku190 – Poisoned Waterhole


Our final collaboration with the Western Riverina Arts and curator Jason Richardson for the Crossing Stream project is a poem written by Peita Vincent.

Poison Waterhole Creek near Narrandera owes its name to a tragic story (one of many) which happened when Europeans claimed the land, 200 years ago. In the 1830s, several groups of Aboriginal families used to camp by the waterhole. Annoyed and eager to get rid of them, the local homestead owner poured drums of poison into the waterhole, killing many of them. You can read more about it here

The author:

Peita says her love affair with the written word began early..
Through studying journalism she learned that everyone has a story to tell. Peita progressed to editing a newspaper before moving into the dark art of public relations.

Now part of Riverina-based communications consultancy Frank & Earnest, Peita has a strong interest in social justice and believes that everyone deserves a voice, regardless of their position or postcode.

This interest is central to the location described in her haiku, which hints at events early in the history of Europeans occupying the Riverina.

Seven days to make music inspired by Peita’s poem. More info at


Deadline: 30th August 2017

Haiku by Peita Vincent

Picture by Jason Richardson