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Crossing Streams

Naviar Records & Narrandera - Crossing Streams

Crossing Streams will cross borders


Narrandera’s writers, photographers and audio producers are invited to join an inter-continental collaboration that will exhibit at the town’s Arts and Community Centre in October.

Western Riverina Arts will work with London-based Naviar Records to develop an exhibition that draws together haiku poetry and audiovisual responses.

Development of the exhibition begins with haiku and workshops will be held at Narrandera Library on 19 and 24 June to share tips on crafting a poem within 17 syllables.

“Writing a haiku is a fun challenge as you want to convey an observation within a strict structure,” explains exhibition curator Jason Richardson. “That word limit is stricter than Twitter, so we’ll accept tweeted contributions if they use the hashtag #Narranderahaiku

Haiku contributions are encouraged before 15 July for the next step in developing the exhibition. Naviar Records will use selected haiku in their weekly haiku challenge for audible interpretations.

Naviar’s founder Marco Sebastiano Alessi has been inspiring a community of musicians from throughout the globe to record and release albums of contributed music and soundscapes.

“Naviar Records were responsible for having my music heard in exhibitions in London,” explains Jason Richardson. He has been a participant in haiku challenges for over three years.

“I’m keen to promote their activities as I think too many people are frustrated with their creative abilities for the wrong reason. Duke Ellington is famously attributed with the line ‘I don’t need time, I need a deadline’ and it’s true for talents.”

“Everyone benefits from having a prompt to try an idea and I want to encourage everyone to challenge themselves to describe a Narrandera scene in 17 syllables. You may get to hear your observation as a piece of music, possibly on a CD album at the exhibition.”

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