Naviarhaiku149 – Let us be one

For this week’s Haiku challenge I’ve chosen a poem by Sonia Sanchez, an African-American poet generally associated with the Black Arts Movement.

Here’s how Yoshinobu Hakutani describes Sanchez’s works in his essay “Cross-cultural visions of African America: From Spatial Narrative to Jazz Haiku

“Some of Sanchez’s haiku like this one have an affinity with the Zen concept of mu (nothingness). This state of nothingness is devoid of all thoughts and emotions that are derived from human subjectivity and egotism and contrary to the conscious or unconscious truth represented by nature. An enlightened person is liberated from the selfcentered worldview, convention, or received opinion that lacks fairness and justice.”

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DEADLINE: 16th November

Poem by Sonia Sanchez

Picture by CAMIO