Haiku Podcast #25

Music from the Haiku project (challenge #148) and “The Void Beneath“, the latest EP by Acronym released under Auxiliary Records


A city parking space
appears and disappears
in fog

by Marianna Monaco http://terebess.hu/english/usa/monaco…

Earthborn visions — fog
Acronym – Final Descent
Boson Spin — Another city parking space is lost to the fog
Detritus Tabu3 — Billow Gloom
Acronym – Endless Horizon
Sevenism — appear in fog
Bassling – kawaii jam
Roofhare — Phronesis
Glenn Sogge — Opening The Fog Of The City
yum HARUKI – parking in city
Jesús Lastra – Emerge
Ed Mundio — CelestialParkingSpace
Tuonela — Parking in space
Night Note — A city parking space
Ambire Seiche – City Parking Space

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