Spotlight – Dominic Razlaff / Convolution Reverb

An empty room, frozen in time. There’s no physical difference between past and present: only sound evolves, slow and unstoppable, revealing the image of an ethereal world we can’t fully comprehend.

A reverb based on the mathematical process of convolution takes an “impulse response”(a sample from a real-world space) and uses this to digitally simulate the reverberation of that space. There’s a fascinating concept behind Convolution Reverb, the latest album published by Dominic Razlaff on the Swedish label Lagerstaette: a sequence of mysterious and deep drones created recycling the recordings of real instruments as impulses for the reverb.

The ability of the artist lies in making music which is both powerful and intimate: each track depicts an image of stillness, and the 13 compositions included in Convolution Reverb offer an incredibly deep and diverse sonic landscape.