Naviar Records: Kobe Night

Kobe show FINAL small

With the support of Association HAAYMM, Naviar Records is proud to host an event at Space Eauuu in Kobe, Japan, on the 8th February. The lineup will consist of members and friends of Naviar, as well as local artists working in the fields of ambient, experimental electronic music.

The event will be streamed live via Naviar's Bandcamp page.



Hirotaka Shirotsubaki

Hirotaka Shirotsubaki is an artist from a small town in Kobe. While tracing his memories of the town where he was born and lived, he came up with the idea of recreating the music that must have been playing unconsciously at that time.
In 2011, he began working on the theme of music spun from the landscapes of his memories.
He has released works from all over the world, mainly from Europe.
He also provides music for commercials, creates background music for facilities, and participates in art events.



In 2020, he released "South Extinct lsland" on Birdfriend, an exotic electronics album using modular synthesizers.
After that, he built his own rhythm generator using the modular system and released "Roots EP" from NewMasterpiece in 2023.
He has also released many works on his own label, MolderMusic.
In recent years, he has been focusing on improvising with modular synthesizers, and hosts a monthly session project called "Monday Night Lab" with Nobuki Yamamoto at Space eauuu in Motomachi, Kobe.




Born in 1983.
Lives and works in Akashi.
He uses lap steel guitar in his performances to create diverse soundscapes, including ambient, drone, experimental music, and junk.




Cryxuss, aka Marco Sebastiano Alessi, is an Italian music producer and founder of Naviar Records.