Naviar Haiku Fest VI – Tokyo

Naviar Haiku Fest - Kock Koenji 1

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Naviar Records will host the sixth edition of the Naviar Haiku Fest at Knock Koenji in Tokyo, starting with a haiku and stencil workshop, followed by performances by members and friends of Naviar residing in Japan, working in the fields of ambient and electronic music.

WORKSHOP (16:00 – 17:30)

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Title: Experiments in Haiku:  A Stencil Workshop

Duration: 90 minutes

Description: Explore the boundaries of haiku in this two-part workshop by making visual poems and experimental musical compositions with stencils.

Hosted by: Elliot Carson. Writing haiku, making art, and pursuing design whenever he can, Elliot Carson is a teacher living in Niigata, Japan. His artistic interests range from graphic design to typographic composition to stencil art and more.



Hirotaka Shirotsubaki

Hirotaka Shirotsubaki is an artist from a small town in Kobe. While tracing his memories of the town where he was born and lived, he came up with the idea of recreating the music that must have been playing unconsciously at that time.
In 2011, he began working on the theme of music spun from the landscapes of his memories.
He has released works from all over the world, mainly from Europe.
He also provides music for commercials, creates background music for facilities, and participates in art events.


Hideo Nakasako
Kansai-based producer of Ambient, Dub, and Techno influenced electronic music.
He is currently devoted to Ambient Music layered with field recordings made by himself and synthesizer-created textures.
He has been releasing his music mainly on labels in Japan such as Blue Arts Music,, and Muzan Editions. In February 2023, he released "Collected Sound Fragments" from Muzan Editions.
Since 2017, he has been running Don't Dance, a party to enjoy ambient music in a club's sound and environment.


Eugene Nx

Hong Kong – Omiya, Japan based sound artist Nukumori Eugene (aka Eugene Nx) has been making and releasing music since 2021. He is the founder of the small boutique label “Slow Music Records” and also a member of TKO800, SON (Art and Sound Community) and Meiv (Band) for some new releases from the Label in U.K and U.S.
His music is highlighted the sounds and arts placed between the streets and city’s folklores - deconstructive city – nature’s cultural images and the project is often related to the urban - street observation research project focusing on the cultural field research of particular cities.

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