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Breath Slowly


snow melts in rusty tears
breath slowly
new life comes to shine

Recorded between December 2016 and February 2017, Breath Slowly by sōzuproject describes the composer’s experience while cycling off-road in the mysterious Italian Dolomites in 2016. Divided into two acts, the album depicts an imaginary journey of self-discovery inspired by these desolate and overwhelming mountain landscapes.

Apart from being beautiful, the Dolomites is also where some of the most treacherous battles of WW1 were fought. In the spring of 1916, the Austrians swept down through these mountains: had they reached the Venetian plain, they could have marched on Venice and encircled much of the Italian Army, breaking what had been a bloody yearlong stalemate. But they Italians stopped them there.

With Breath Slowly, Paolo Mascolini aka sōzuproject aims to represents with spatially evocative sounds the challenges and rewards this extreme environment offers to those who enter its realm today. Breath Slowly is an album about freedom: about those who fought for it and the ones who challenge themselves looking for it.

released September 21, 2017

Written, produced and performed by Paolo Mascolini

Design by Ewa Goral

Mastered by SoLow
Picture by Michal Ico

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