Naviar Haiku Fest II– Norwich 2018

Naviar Haiku Fest II Norwich 2018. The image shows an abstract art.

Following our first event in London last November, the second edition of the Naviar Haiku Fest took place in Norwich (UK) on Friday 25th May at The Birdcage. We hosted a haiku workshop in the afternoon, where participants had the chance to learn the basics of this traditional form of Japanese poetry, including its history and rules. They were also encouraged to write their poems and share them with the rest of the group.

In the evening four artists, members of Naviar’s community working in the field of electronic, ambient, and electroacoustic music were performing live.

The event is curated by Naviar Records and Neil Stringfellow, and supported by the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation


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Ikjoyce (UK)

ikjoyce makes electronic ambient and drone music using modular synthesis to explore themes of nature, space, isolation, man/machine interaction, and the borders of the sleep/wake cycle.

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Sevenism (UK)

“I’m a self-taught musician and sound mangler blurring the boundaries between analog and digital, acoustic and electronic, generative and human. I work in the present moment letting the music flow wherever it wants. I aim to make music that is strange and experimental yet resonates on a deeper level.”


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Audio Obscura (UK)

Audio Obscura performs Lap-top-based electronics for the ears, haunting the wide spectrum of electro-acoustic music with a firm footing in the ambient realm. The sound also strays towards the experimental; musique concrète, idm with post-classical minimal leanings occasionally push through.

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Subespai (AUS)

Subespai is the solo project of Mauri Edo, a Sydney musician born in Barcelona. Walking the line between ambient, noise, and drone music, Subespai paints experimental soundscapes by mixing acoustic and electronic audio sources with effect pedals, field recordings, and other gadgets.

Released June 30, 2018

Recorded by Ian Joyce and Neil Stringfellow



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