Haiku podcast #5

The first half of the mix contains music inspired by the following poem:

Over the meadow
through the deep valley of dawn
lies the morning sky

While the final part was inspired by:

A momentary halt
A brief but violent silence
Quieting the mind

I’ve added music by Murcof and Rafael Anton Irisarri to complete this 60 minute podcast.

Ed Mundio_Paul Fletcher — 16 Minute Sunrise
sklawlor — Lies the Morning Sky
rafael anton irisarri – Voigt-Kampf
Spacey Blurr – Over The Meadow
Tuonela — Valley of dawn
sevenısm — rhizome -over the meadow
Ed Mundio_Paul Fletcher — DustFloatingOnWaves
Flat Stone — A Brief But Violent Silence
ikjoyce — Brief Respite
Murcof – Razón (En 3 Partes)
Cryxuss — Rising Quietly
stachy.dj — another
Carlos R — Close Encounters of the Naviar Kind
sevenısm — Momentary Halt
sklawlor — Quieting the Mind

Poems: my-crazy-random-happenstance & Lzlabs
Picture: Conal Gallagher