Haiku podcast #6

Music from the Haiku project (challenge 121 and 122), plus Hammock’s latest album “Everything and Nothing”.

1st part: Naviarhaiku 121 (poem by IIkjoice https://soundcloud.com/ikjoyce)

Hush descends
Darkness envelops all
Dreamers soar

Ikjoyce – Dreamers Soar
Phocasm – Nightzone, Naviar Haiku 121 – Hush Descends
Yum Haruki – Dreamers
Night Note – from darkness into light
Amado Ohland – Hush Descends
Oxebe – Naviarhaiku 121
Ian Haygreen – The Oneiroi Beckon
Hammock – Clarity

2nd part: (Naviarhaiku122 – Poem by: r-d-w http://r-d-w.tumblr.com)

Mid-point of the bridge
I hover above
The rivers’ current

Skawlor – I hover above
Dirigent – Midpoint
Flat Stone – The Crystal River
Hammock – Reverence
Andrulian – NaviarHaiku122