Spotlight – Scott Lawlor, grum~pe

Two excellent albums by member of Naviar’s community were released recently: grum~pe’s “The Locus of the Codes” and Scott Lawlor’s “Show me the glint of Light” are extremely diverse albums a clear example of their creators’ versatility and expertise.

Grum~pe – The Locus of the Code

The first thing that caught my attention about The Locus of the Codes is the difference between its tracks and the ones that grum~pe (Maurice Gallagher) regularly submits to the Renku challenge, usually in collaboration with Glenn Sogge: here, ambient textures and field recordings are replaced by hypnotic rythms and modular synths, and the result is top-notch electronic music.

Scott Lawlor – Show me the glint of Light

Some of the tracks included in Scott Lawlor‘s Show me the glint of Light were previously submitted to the Haiku challenge, including a personal favourite, Quieting the Mind. Scott’s ability to create captivating and calming ambient music is magnificent: to me, Show me the glint of Light is an ode to life, a collection of tracks that leaves the listener with a sense of freedom and spiritual peace .