Haiku Podcast #22

Music from the Haiku project (challenge 144), and the Lithuanian label Cold Tear Records


traveling priest
vanishing in the mist
trailed by his bell

Poem by Meisetsu http://terebess.hu/english/haiku/stry…


Detritus Tabu — Bell a la Ghosty
My Own Cubic Stone — Second Voice
Vejopatis – Saules Seklos
Ed Mundio — EnjoyYourDay
Night Note — traveling priest
Earthborn visions — Forest
Slownoise – Tears
Glenn Sogge — A Trailing Bell
ikjoyce — The Priest Vanishes
Scott Lawlor – vanishing in mist
Vejopatis – Sviro Lingo
Ambire Seiche – Trailed by his bell
Slownoise – The Knot

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