Spotlight – Glenn Sogge

Glenn Sogge joined Naviar’s challenges only a few months ago, but his frequent contributions and collaborations make him one of the most active and vital supporters of Naviar Records. In this article you’ll find links to his most recent releases and collaborative projects he’s involved in.

The Rashomon Perplex

Last week Glenn published on his Bandcamp page “The Rashomon Perplex”, a compilation of music from a dozen artists who were invited to reinterpret one track which they were free to modify as they chose: inspired by the Japanese masterpiece, Glenn describes this project as an “aural exploration of ‘the Rashomon Effect’”. This collective of talented and diverse sound artists made almost 3 hours of haunting music that’s fascinating and frequently surprising.

Solo albums

As a solo artist, Glenn has released 4 albums on Studio 4632, one of them (Two Suites) a collaborative work with another great ambient composer, Cousin Silas. On his Bandcamp page you can find even more musical gems: in particular, the monumental “Musicks For Annoying Your Neighbors” offers over 90 mins of beautiful ambient soundscapes.

Renku 1

On Naviar’s latest compilation Renku 1, there are two music collaborations involving Glenn: Autumn Lake Daybreak (with grum-pe) and The Moon at Matsushima (with Ian Rochford/Tuonela)