Haiku Podcast #19

Music from the 139th Haiku challenge, Futuresequence’s SEQUENCE series and more.


insomnia –
the train tracks are silent
all night long

Poem by Yu Chang http://www.ahapoetry.com/PP0601..htm


Zvuku – Northking
Jesús Lastra/Flat Stone – All Night Long
Night Note — insomnia – Railway of ghosts
Le Berger & Pascal Savy – Celeste’s Fall
sevenism — Fever Dream
Ambire Seiche – These Silent Tracks
Bassling – Light at the End of the Tunnel
Glenn Sogge — Counting Ghost Trains
Unnecessary Enterprises — Up All Night
Benn DeMole — Insomnia in D (the line, on a string)
r beny – a meadow jutting out into the sea
Thoribass — Insomnia
ikjoyce — Insomnia
Neue – Pluto

Please enjoy responsibly and support the featured artists.