naviarhaiku546 – The figure of a man

The figure of a man
swallowed by the world




by: Natsume Soseki


I recently came across the concept of hanafubuki, which can be translated as “flower snowstorm”. It's a common theme in Japanese art and literature to represent the beauty of impermanence and cyclicity of life and nature.

One of the most influential modern Japanese writers, Natsume Soseki’s literary career started in 1903, with a series of haiku and renga published on various literary magazines.

Between 1900 and 1903 he studied at the UCL in London, but this proved to be quite a dramatic experience for the young Soseki. Despite this, when Soseki returned to Japan, he exploded into prolific writing activity.

Haiku by Natsume Soseki

Picture by J Lee

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