naviarhaiku499 – afternoon heat

afternoon heat
the heavenly dance of
cumulus clouds

Hege A. Jakobsen Lepri is a Norwegian-Canadian translator, walker, coffee addict, haikuist, and short-story writer. She currently divides her time between Norway, Italy and Canada. She started writing haiku to get past writer’s block but got hooked on the daily practice.

Her haiku, senryu, and haibun have since been featured in Frogpond Journal, Under the Basho, Best Haiku Anthology, Poetry Pea, Haiku Blossoms, Quatrain.Fish, Autumn Moon, Prune Juice, Songs of the Pandemic, Haiku Journal, Dadakuku, Heron’s Nest, Hedgerow, Open: Journal of Arts and Letters. Her prose is widely published, most recently in Best Small Fictions 2023.

Seven days to make music in response to the assigned haiku: to participate visit


Deadline: 2nd August 2023

Haiku by Hege A. J. Lepri

Picture by Stefan Lehner



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