naviarhaiku404 – A red sun

A red sun
Falls into the sea
What summer heat!


One of the most influencial modern Japanese writers, Natsume Soseki’s literary career started in 1903, with a series of haiku and renga published on various literary magazines. Between 1900 and 1903 he studied at the UCL in London, but this proved to be quite a dramatic experience for the young Soseki:

“The two years I spent in London were the most unpleasant years in my life. Among English gentlemen I lived in misery, like a poor dog that had strayed among a pack of wolves.“

Despite this, when Soseki returned to Japan he exploded into prolific writing activity.

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Deadline: 6th October 2021

haiku by Natsume Sōseki

picture by Jonathan Borba

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