naviarhaiku328 – flowering fields

Expanding Petals from Paul Fletcher on Vimeo.

flowering fields
expanding the boundaries
of my heart

Corine is an author, haiku poet, publisher, visual artist, designer, and animal lover who recently discovered a passion for music: you can find her submissions to the Haiku Music Challenge on her Soundcloud and Facebook pages.

Corine is currently curating a haiku anthology in celebration of the Year of the Rat: she’ll be accepting submissions in May and June 2020 and proceeds will go to OPOPO HeroRATs. For more info visit Rattled’s Facebook page.


Seven days to make music in response to the assigned haiku: to participate visit

Deadline: 22nd April 2020

haiku by Corine Timmer

picture by chuttersnap

1 thought on “naviarhaiku328 – flowering fields”

  1. Thanks so much for choosing one of my haiku. It was first published online in Troutswirl, A Sense of Place: Meadow/Field-touch, The Haiku Foundation, October 17, 2018. I hope participants will find it inspiring. The wild flowers are blossoming in the Algarve ( Portugal) at the moment.

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