naviarhaiku272 – the falling tide


As a musician, Corine Timmer has been participating in the Naviar Haiku challenge for the last few months. Corine lives in the countryside in the south of Portugal: she is an Interior Designer, Animal Lover, and a self-published author. In 2018 she self-published her first children’s storybook. In the same year it won a Mom’s Choice Award. Haiku crossed her path by accident in 2015 and she’s been hooked ever since. Corine has been published in several on and offline haiku journals and anthologies. In 2017 one of her haiku won an honorable mention in the Haiku Society of America’s annual Harold G. Henderson Haiku contest. In 2018 she won an International Sakura Award in the VCBF’s Haiku Invitational Contest and an honorable Mention in the Third Annual Jane Reichhold Haiga Competition. In November 2018 she published an anthology of dog haiku, to celebrate the Year of the Dog.

Seven days to make music in response to the assigned haiku: to participate visit

Deadline: 27th March 2019

haiku by Corine Timmer

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  1. I am so excited to listen to the music inspired by my haiku. Thanks, Marco and all the participants at Naviar Records. It’s an amazing collection so far. Such variation and creativity I first learned about Naviar Records and the weekly music-to-haiku prompts from the Haiku Foundation, and decided to give it a go. Learning as I go along. Thanks for the inspiration!

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