naviarhaiku267 – spring breeze

dl mattila lives in the USA. She’s the author of Quietus, a collection of poems published on Finishing Line Press. Her work has been published in Downhome Magazine (NL), Shot Glass Journal, and The Rotary Dial (CA), among others.

Seven days to make music in response to the assigned haiku: to participate visit

Deadline: 20th February 2019

haiku by dl mattila

picture by Aaron Burden

1 thought on “naviarhaiku267 – spring breeze”

  1. To those who composed such intriguing, sonic interpretations of my haiku, please know how honored and humbled I am by your work. These mesmerizing signatures are emotionally evocative in ways I can’t fully explain but find deeply moving and powerful. Collaborative artistry, such as this, lies at the heart of something truly magical!

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