naviarhaiku260 – winter sun


The last haiku of the year is a poem by Gergana Yaninska, selected once again by Iliyana Stoyanova to represent some of the most interesting contemporary Bulgarian haiku poets.

“Gergana Yaninska (b.1960) is a midwife from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She has been writing haiku for several years and her work has appeared in A Hundred Gourds, Cattails, Bones, Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Ershik, Mainichi Daily News, Blithe Spirit, the World Haiku Association Haiga Contest (with selections and awards by Kuniharu Shimizu), and other haiku publications. Selected to the European Top 100 Most Creative Haiku Authors in 2014.”

Seven days to make music in response to the assigned haiku: to participate visit

Deadline: 2nd January 2019

haiku by Gergana Yaninska

picture by Mikael Kristenson