naviarhaiku257 – daybreak

Together with Basho, Onitsura (1661–1738) helped redefine the haikai no renga (linked verse) and elevated it into a literary genre in its own right. Around this time, the opening stanza of this collaborative linked poem (hokku) started appearing as an independent poem, which Masaoka Shiki will rename haiku in the 19th century.

“A good poet” is someone who can make a verse interesting.
“A master” is someone whose verse does not sound interesting but has a flavor deep inside.
A still higher stage is when a poet has reached the utmost of the art and his poem presents neither color nor fragrance.
Only at that stage can one be credited as having achieved the quintessence of haikai.

(Uejima Onitsura)

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Deadline: 12th December 2018

haiku by Uejima Onitsura

picture by Aaron Burden