naviarhaiku250 – I was silent all day:


Undoubtedly one of my favourite haiku poets of the nineteenth century, Santoka spent 16 years of his life as a mendicant Zen priest, probably one of the last of his kind in Japan.

We spoke about Santoka and his poetry many times, and the most detailed article about him I’ve come across is by Simply Haiku:, which I strongly recommend to those interested in his life and poetry.

Seven days to make music in response to the assigned haiku: to participate visit


Deadline: 24th October 2018

haiku by Taneda Santōka

picture by Ian Keefe

2 thoughts on “naviarhaiku250 – I was silent all day:”

  1. Stelios Armenis

    Very inspirational.
    I am browsing through your bandcamp page, I’m in search of a track to be included in my new podcast (nostalgia-dreamy theme). Believe me I do search a lot (many labels etc.)
    I visited this page because I followed the link in 4years release.
    For the moment, I have no track to send you, but I will do in the future.
    Respecting your guide, I will create a theme on this haiku!
    mixcloud com /variant_t

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