Naviarhaiku215 – Night – over

Now considered as one of the most influencial modern Japanese writers, the novelist of the Meiji period Natsume Soseki was a late bloomer: his literary career officially began in 1903, with a series of haiku and renga published on various literary magazines. Between 1900 and 1903 he studied at the UCL in London, but this experience proved to be quite dramatic for the young Soseki as he’ll describe his period in the United Kingdom with these words:

“The two years I spent in London were the most unpleasant years in my life. Among English gentlemen I lived in misery, like a poor dog that had strayed among a pack of wolves.“

Despite this, when Soseki returned to Japan he exploded into prolific writing activity.

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Deadline: 21st February 2018

Poem by Natsume Soseki

Picture by Krista Mangulsone