Naviarhaiku144 – Traveling priest

I’ve found very little information about Meisetsu, the author of the week: but apparently in the 19th century, together with Masaoka Shiki, he revitalized haikai into a modernized genre, which later became the haiku poetry we know today.

Seven days to make music inspired by this poem: more info at


DEADLINE: 12th October

Poem by Meisetsu

Picture by Sebastian Unrau

1 thought on “Naviarhaiku144 – Traveling priest”

  1. Hello, this is my first post here and I am excited to be a part of this project. When I read the haiku the first time and started working I was thinking ok priest in the woods, misty -a kinda peaceful quiet scene. But when I started adding a bellish sound it struck me this is a loud scene. He is dragging a bell along a rough bumpy path. It’s like he want to piss off the creatures of the woods. He himself is careful not to step on the lowly centipedes and caterpillars but his bell is probably knocking them about a bit. That was my take.

    Peace, Hugh

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