Naviarhaiku 007

This project tends towards the total freedom of interpretation.

I don’t know why, but every time I read this poem I think about my mates: the beauty of understanding each other at such an intimate level with someone is simply priceless. Empathy between people creates new energy: every time I think about the persons close to me I realize how much I’d love to make them happy, to make more for them. And then I try to achieve more in my life, and to be a better man, because their happiness is my happiness and vice versa.  Only when we love someone we’re able to love ourselves. During this project we’ve been traveling through dreams, landscapes, space.. this week we will dig into our own selves, to discover what we can create when our task is to describe with sounds the deepest and the purest feeling.

Participants are to complete the task by Wednesday 26th February and post the track on our Soundcloud group

Haiku by Dietmar Tauchner

Picture by the George Eastman House