Haiku Podcast #16

Music from Naviar challenges Haiku #136 and Renku #003, Gareth Dickson and John Fahey

Haiku #136:

Gipsy violin
The wheat harvest
Sparkling with fireflies

Poem by Tatjana Debeljacki https://www.facebook.com/debeljackita…

Renku #003

It’s the ocean
you can smell from here
the boundless sky above
the wild pearl
unaware of imperfection

Poem by Tzetzka Ilieva & John Carley http://greenteaandbirdsong.blogspot.c…


Ed Mundio — Fireflies, Wheat and Gypsies
Night Note – Gypsy violin
Scott Lawlor – sparkling with fireflies
john fahey – special rider blues
sevenism + boson spin – crashing waves
Gareth Dickson – Noon
Tuonela & Glenn Sogge – Unaware (Of Imperfection)
Yum Haruki – Harvest Celebration
john fahey – the waltz that carried us away and then
Boson Spin & Glenn Sogge – Searching For The Perfect Pearl
Glenn Sogge – With Fireflies A-Sparkle