Haiku Podcast #15

Music from the Haiku project (challenge 135), and Synkro’s latest EP “Changes – Remix”


The loneliest sound in the universe
is that
of the last heartbeat

Poem by Brenda Lee Eccles http://www.verseria.com/haiku_de_cf/h…


ikjoyce — The Last Heartbeat
Synkro – Midnight Sun (Helios remix)
Ed Mundio — Radiophonic Frogs The loneliest sound.
Flat Stone — Solitude
Glenn Sogge — Disquiet of the Loneliest Sound
Synkro – Your Heart (Sven’s To Be Pure In Heart Mix)
Night Note — the loneliest sound
earthborn visions — isolation
Synkro – Body Close (dBridge remix)
Scott Lawlor — the last heartbeat
Yum Haruki — with dignity