Haiku Podcast #10

Music from the Haiku project (challenge 128), Tim Hecker and Leyland James Kirby.

Music inspired by the poem:

Evening light
sipping from the glassy rim
of high moon

NH128 – Poem by SubtleSeas http://subtleseaspoetry.tumblr.com


Yum Haruki — Rim of the moon
Glenn Sogge — Sipping FromThe Glassy Rim
ikjoyce — The Glassy Rim Of the High Moon
Tim Hecker – Music of the Air
Dave Dorgan — Moon In Water
Bassling — Parting clouds
Flat Stone – Moonlight
Oxebe — Naviarhaiku 128
Unnecessary Enterprises — Evening Light
Night Note — evening light
Leyland Kirby – When we parted my heart wanted to die (Friedrichshain memory)
Skawlor – Naviarhaiku128 – Evening light
Sevenısm│●■●│- Scott Lawlor – Evening Light (nox intempesta mix)