3 years of Naviar – Thank you

It seems incredible that 3 years ago today, the first Haiku challenge received its first entry. At the time Naviar didn’t have a website, just a Tumblr page and a Soundcloud group, but the community that started on that day grew to become the thriving creative environment we know today.

We’ve collaborated, written poems, made music, met many like-minded artists, and created a constant flux of creativity which has benefited many with its authenticity. Regular compilations and podcasts with music from the Haiku challenge have been published, and over the years we’ve received some raving reviews, praising both individual artists and the collective itself. And it all started with a poem published on a blog, on a Wednesday afternoon.

To me, this community represents the essence of an artistic movement: it’s a laboratory, a (digital) space where to experiment, improve, learn, share and let our creative selves thrive. Naviar’s aim is simply to offer an inspiring place for creators, and to promote the results of this creative environment to the best of its ability.

2017 is going to be an exciting year. We’ll start with a compilation to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the Haiku challenge, with music from those who made this project possible with their creativity and passion. The first EP from a non-member of our community will be published at the beginning of next month. As I’m writing, I’m listening to the next album from a member of Naviar’s community that will be released at the end of February. Quality and quantity: an ambitious program which I feel this community fully deserves and makes me more excited about this project than ever before.

Thank you once again for being a community of amazing, inspiring, and creative people. I hope Naviar will be a home for you for years to come.

1 thought on “3 years of Naviar – Thank you”

  1. Great to hear that 2017 will be an exciting year for Naviar Records.
    I’m a fairly new member here, but so far it was fun doing this and I heard a lot of interesting sounds/music here.

    I’ll drink to an amazing 2017, cheers.

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