Spotlight – Ikjoyce

Today we start our weekly music and poetry recommendations. Every Monday I’ll post a (very short) review of inspiring works I come across, with particular focus on works published by members of Naviar’s community.

Ian Joyce aka Ikjoyce is an ambient/electronic composer and one of the most active participants in the Haiku challenge. Last week, Ian released not one but two full-length albums: “Dark Beaches” and “The Mountain”.

Dark Beaches offers rich and complex soundscapes that call to mind musical elements as diverse as field recordings, ambient and melodic improvisation. The nine compositions included in the album are peaceful, deep and absorbing: the electronic and acoustic textures evoke a transcendental sense of timelessness.

Released just a day after Dark Beaches, The Mountain includes many tracks Ian submitted to the Haiku challenge: it is an assemblage of drones, lush soundscapes and minimalist melodies. The Mountain is a deep, emotional and personal album, and a charged sense of anticipation permeates its music.