Spotlight – Bassling

Jason Richardson aka Bassling is one of the most active participants in the Haiku challenge. Last week he posted his 40th Youtube video in response to Naviar’s projects, so I thought it may be a good time to write about this multidisciplinary artist and member of Naviar’s community.


Below you’ll find a video of Bassling’s most recent contribution to the Haiku project and a Youtube playlist with all the videos he’s made in response to our weekly challenge. For more music, make sure you check out his Youtube channel

He usually writes a post to describe his approach to each challenge:

Jason was one of the artists who participated in State of Origin, an art exhibition that I co-organized in London in December 2014:  his track “State of Origin: Willimbong” was part of the audio installation that was created for the event.


Apart from making music and videos, Jason is also a very active writer and blogger.

A few months back Jason wrote an article about Naviar and other musical scenes he’s involved with. About this online communities, he wrote:

Like the musical scene in Boston described by Hersh, each of those I’m involved with offer supportive communities. They demonstrate that the internet has a role in overcoming geography to bring together people with mutual interests.

You can read the entire article at:

Jason is also the author of Haiku’s 62nd challenge:

You can read more of his poems at