Spotlight – Andrulian, Earthborn Visions, Scott Lawlor

This week three concept albums from participants in Naviar’s challenges caught my attention for their diversity and intriguing sounds: I hope you’ll enjoy them as much I do.

Earthborn Visions / Window

The music included in Earthborn Visions’ latest release is intense and truly inspiring. With ten delicate ambient tracks comprising of synth and field recordings, Window creates a dynamic, constantly evolving  soundscape.

Andrulian / The kalipheno trilogy : part two

Andrulian describes his latest release as “the soundtrack of a dystopian future”. The four tracks included in The Kalipheno Trilogy are extremely diverse, incorporating references from industrial to techno, and the album as a whole provides an immersive futuristic experience.

Scott Lawlor / Experiments in Isolation Volume 3

With the Experiments in Isolation series, Scott digs into the realm of sensory deprivation, and in this 3rd part he studies the effects of the two most common forms of Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy: Chamber REST and Flotation REST.

Imagination flourishes while listening to the two tracks (of 24 and 23 minutes) that make the album: with their deep and powerful drones, they depict a world of total isolation, dark, and where only mysterious and haunting sounds can escape its gravity. Experiments in Isolation Volume 3 marks a new chapter in an impressive and ever-growing catalogue.