Naviarhaiku227 – Morning coolness

After a few night poems here’s a morning haiku by Betty Drevniok, author of the seminal book Aware – A Haiku Primer. Together with George Swede and Eric Amann, she founded the Haiku Society of Canada.

If you want to learn more about Betty Drevniok, here’s an article by Miranda Baker about her life and career. The Betty Drevniok Award is an annual competition organized by Haiku Canada.

“Betty Drevniok’s haiku are simple everyday experiences, but they usually have a complex meaning. She does not like to impose her readers with emotions because she wants them to be able to relate to the moment through their own imaginations.“ (Miranda Baker)


Deadline: 16th May 2018

Poem by Betty Drevniok

Picture by Michael B. Stuart