Naviarhaiku209 – I am all ears

The haiku of the week was written by poet and Buddhist monk Ryōkan Taigu.

According to the Buddhist Dictionary, Taigo is remembered for “the depth of his enlightenment that manifested in the spirit of acceptance and equality that he showed to all, from officials to prostitutes. He played with children, composed poetry in praise of nature, was renowned for his calligraphy, lived in extreme simplicity, and showed love for all living things to the extent of placing lice under his robes to keep them warm, allowing thieves to take freely from his possessions, and letting one leg protrude from his mosquito net at night to give the mosquitos food.“

Seven days to make music in response to Taigo’s poem: more info at


Deadline: 10th January 2018

Poem by Ryōkan Taigu

Picture by Alok Shenoy