Naviarhaiku114 – Where do you come from ?

The author of the week is David Pulsford aka Phocasm, and his name might sound familiar because he’s participated in Naviar Haiku as a musician in the past. I contacted David recently to ask him if he wanted to be included in the next Naviar Haiku compilation: while chatting about poetry, he shared this beautiful poem with me and kindly allowed me to use it as Naviar’s new assignment. He also runs a blog and a music podcast dedicated to classical music.

I’ve always been fascinated by poems and literature set in space: perhaps because space is mostly unknown to us and therefore, by being detached from any personal experience, space literature somehow forces us to appeal to our own imagination. While writing this haiku, David was influenced by watching the International Space Station periodically passing above him in the night sky.

DEADLINE: 16th March

Poem by David Puilsford

Picture by Nasa on The Commons